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at / in / on / from / to / no preposition
Fill in the blank with at, in, on, from, to, or no preposition.

Preposition of Time (at, in, on, from to)


at + clock time

at 7 a.m.

at 9 o'clock

at five o’clock

at 11:45 a.m.

at seven thirty

at half past twelve

at + festival

at Christmas

at Easter

at the New Year

at Mid-Autumn Festival

at + a precise time

at midday

at noon

at night

at midnight

at lunch time

at dinner time

at bedtime

at sunrise

at sunset

at the moment

at the same time

at present

at the weekend


in + month

in May

in June

in July

in August

in October

in December

in + season

in spring

in summer

in autumn

in winter

in the winter

in the fall

in the spring

in + parts of the day

in the evening

in the afternoon

in the morning

in this afternoon

in + year

in 2022

in 1642

in + century

in the nineteenth century

in the next century

in + a long peroid

in the Ice Age

in the past

in the future

in the 2020s


on + day of the week

on Sunday

on Tuesdays

on Mondays

on Friday

on Saturday morning

on the coming Saturday morning

on + date

on 5th March

on 1st October 2022

on 20 November

on 6th May

on 21 October 2020

on + day

on Sports Day

on Christmas Day

on my birthday

on New Year's Eve

on New Year's Day


from (date) to (date)

from 1st July to 10th July

from (time) to (time)

from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Don't use a preposition with the following time phrases.

every ...

Don't use a preposition with every day, every night, every morning, every afternoon, every year ...


Don't use a preposition with today.

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