Update: 2022-08-02 | Post: 2022-07-31

【教學】在 Win 11 安裝 Flutter

Install Flutter in Windows 11

Step 1: Install Git for Windows

Git for Windows

Step 2: Download Flutter SDK

Download Flutter SDK

Download Windows 版

Step 3: Extract Flutter SDK to c:\src\flutter


在 C: Drive 建立一個中新 Folder c:\src\flutter

Step 4: Update Path

Start -> search bar enter env -> select Edit environment variables for your account

-> path -> new : c:\src\flutter\bin

Step 5: flutter_console

Run flutter doctor

Step 5

Android tool chain

install command line tool


Step 6: exit and then run flutter doctor

Step 7: install visual studio

Step 8: flutter config --android-studio-dir "type directory name"

Set android studio path

Step 9: Run flutter doctor

Step 1


Run Flutter Doctor。如能正常安裝,應顯示 No issues found!

Step 10: Install the Flutter and Dart plugins to Android Studio